Clown fish know best!

(originally posted on August 20, 2012)

A word of wisdom from my lovely Mistress

I was discussing my fears with my Mistress and She told me a very lovely piece of information that I never knew before, and that I wanted to share in here :

“Clownfish can change genders back and forth!..Clownfish are all born as males.When they are adults,THE LARGEST AND THE MOST DOMINANT FISH OF THE GROUP WILL UNDERGO A SEX CHANGE, AND BECOME A FEMALE..The second largest usually becomes the breeding male, while all the other fish remains juveniles and gender-neutral. If the breeding female disappears, the breeding male will change to a female”

Even fish feel this and live this naturally, I am quoting my Mistress of course 🙂 .

How wise You are Mistress 🙂Her Wild Stallion

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