Intro into Fantasy World

(originally posted on August 21, 2012)

This is a very special place, where you will find ideas embracing each other! This is where you will find bold erotic stories describing the darkest secrets of Femdom lifestyle, and breaking the false psychological taboos ! You will find this side by side with , inspiring poems, emotional love stories, or even monks’ hymns !
Yes, we do know this is about Femdom literature, but we just wanted to send a loud message to everybody:

This is a lifestyle..

This is not a game..

We are people, human beings, and inside this very complex creature, and that wonderful phenomenon called Human, there are a lot of contradictory feelings, apparently contradictory, but beating together in harmony, like the loveliest Orchestra !
Here is where you will have a tour inside that lovely creature.
Here is the fantasy land of freedom !
And after all, don’t forget, this is all about Her & him, The Countess and Her shadow ! and they do enjoy a lot of different things.
So, again, welcome to their own house of madness and love..
Fasten your seat belts and get ready to fly !

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