Polling and beyond…

(originally posted on August 31, 2012)

Today, we have thought about starting a section for polls, a good idea, isn’t it?

Before we start it, we want to explain how we think about this section, so that is the thing. We thought that we (lifestylers) need to interact with each other, learn from each others’ experiences, hmm, gain knowledge about the lifestyle in a simple, interactive, and fun way, and we thought polls will do that perfectly.

Some polls may sound weird to you, but we just do as we always try to do in everything related to our blog, to address all ideas, feelings, and fears without any limitations.

We believe, that by doing this, we will all get a better understanding of ourselves, and enhance our lifestyle with knowledge as well as with passion.

Please feel free to add any answers that you think are closer to what you have in mind and not included in the poll answers (if the option is allowed in the poll), the purpose of the poll is to get the feelings and ideas out in the open for discussion and better understanding and we don’t claim to have all the answers, we are just curious to learn.

We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do.

The Countess and Her Wild Stallion

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