The beginning…

(originally posted on August 20, 2012)

I have always been so passionate about writing, to sit down with a cup of coffee by my side, holding a pen and writing down my thoughts and my feelings. Actually the mere view of pens, papers, hmmm, the smell of the ink mixed with the vapour from my coffee has always fascinated me.

I have always done that, but I never thought I would ever come to a point in my life at which I could express this very special and private area of my emotions in any way other than symbols, I never thought I would express it as liberally and frankly as I am intending to do in here, in our blog 🙂

This is meant to be an introduction to our blog, and I will be soon telling the story of this blog beginning and how we decided to start
it, but I would like to discuss some of my ideas about FemDom first as it is the main theme of this small corner of ours.

During the journey of my life, I have come to understand some important facts about Female Domination lifestyle, facts that have always been there but took me a considerable number of years to pay attention to.

Female Domination has been usually misperceived as some sort of alternative sexual practice, spicy sex as a lot of people call it,
sexual deviation as others may choose to think about it, but actually, that is completely untrue. Female Domination is not simply about sex, and it definitely extends beyond its spicy (or deviant, whatever you prefer !) physical expression of intimacy. Femdom is deeply rooted in the person’s emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and choices. It is a lifestyle, a different way to look at things,and at life. Now, I guess some of you are smiling and thinking like, hey man, take it down, dont be so enthusiastic! I can understand this,and I am assuring you, I am not being enthusiastic and I am not exaggerating. When I said Femdom is a different way to look at life, I meant it, and I simply meant, that is a part of your psychological makeup, it is more than a sexual preference, it is much more deeper thing, and it expresses itself sexually and emotionally in the form of Femdom, but it expresses itself in many other forms in your political, professional, social choices,….etc..It is not like a gum sticking to your body, that you can remove, it is not a tool that you can use at times and dispose of at other times, it is your skin! It is who you are and it is beautiful!

There is definitely a fierce negative image about Femdom and people who choose to live it among the general population, and it has caused a lot of tension to every lifestyler at some point, but despite this fact, I believe that Femdom is simply a bit different, but a beautiful way of life. I believe it is also an intense, romantic, and a very natural way to express love and intimacy!
The human race has always taught itself to see what they were told to see, to say what they were told to say, and to think the way they are supposed to think. People have been taught about the right and wrong, the virtuous and the sinner,and out of this mindset, rejection to every different lifestyle was born..Actually out of this mindset, hatred, racism, and every bad thing was born..I believe this is a universal problem, but I do also firmly believe, it is much more prominent in our eastern societies..We have been taught about the traditional male dominated romance as the only possible way of male/female interaction, we have been indirectly taught that this is the beautiful and the natural order of things, and anything else, is unnatural and weird!

This nonsense was taken as a solid fact though it can’t stand for any sort of logical discussion..Every man has been longing for his mother, cried in her arms, accepted her authority, ran to her when he had a problem at school, asked for her opinion about things he never wanted to tell his dad about, now what does this look like?! As a teenager, every man challenged his father authority some way or another, he started to become more rebellious, but submitted to the cute touch of his mum,what do you think about this?
The proposal ritual, a man asking a woman to be his wife, how does it happen? He kneels! falls on his knees and present a ring! That is
how one of the most romantic moments in any vanilla relationship happens! and not just that,the man is the one who asks the woman to marry him, like begging her to accept him in some way! Have you ever heard about a woman kneeling and asking some guy to marry her??!!
Hello! Does any bell ring in your mind??..The most traditional guy in the most traditional romantic relationship will look gently,
and whispers his heart contents to his girl in a low, almost broken voice! What do you think about this ? I think Andy Williams has
mentioned it a long time ago when he sang “speak softly love” 🙂 )

So,do you know what I do think about this? How do i look at this whole vanilla/Femdom/Maledom romance..Well, I believe it is like that old physics lesson about light! It is Romance, it is love, that is the light! the deep connection between a woman and her beloved is the light beam, you let it pass through a prism and you get the whole spectrum!
It is a spectrum, and we (Femdom lifestylers) just lay on one end of the spectrum! Our passion is very natural,probably more natural than anything else, our choice is represented in every relationship slightly but we choose to make it more prominent, more announced, simply because we are at that beautiful end of the spectrum! and you know what, we are not alone at that end, and a lot of great men and women have been there. Have you ever known that the great Aristotle has been there ? A surprise, isn’t it ? 🙂 ..The great philosopher of all times has chosen to show his passion and desire towards the beautiful Phyllis by letting her ride his back around the garden like a pony who melted to her heavenly touch! I don’t know what do you think about this,but personally I think this is very interesting! It was not just Aristotle a lot of great people have been there and I will be talking about them in my next posts, but for now, enough philosophizing for one day!

I have promised you earlier to tell the story behind the formation of this blog, so lets do it now.
I have been sitting one day with my lovely Mistress, drinking coffee and talking about people in Femdom dating sites, actually about a
special sort of people who live in fantasy land and see nothing beyond their little winkies! We thought about creating some sort of
sarcastic website or blog discussing that weird attitude of those people in a funny way, but we were both busy and totally forgot about
it, until yesterday, I was missing my Mistress,as we were not together that night,and I felt like writing down some of my thoughts and
feelings about Her and about the lifestyle for the first time.When She came back I showed Her what I have written, and for my surprise She liked it, and came up with that idea, She said, the blog won’t be just a sarcastic one,that would probably be one section, but it would be a more holistic blog discussing the lifestyle! It will be like your diary, a slave diary!you will write in it everyday to start with, then may be once every week later, that is a task sweetheart, She said.

So here I am writing my first post in my diary, and I am doing it for Her 🙂

Now, before I end this, let me shed some light on the blog’s name, The Countess Shadow ( Her Wild Stallion )..A lovely name, isn’t it? 🙂
Now, leave your worries and thoughts behind and travel with me for a while to the fantasy land, imagine this, a hill overlooking a forest, green lawns all around you, and a brook that starts by your side, and gently grows into a lovely river crossing the forest. A nice, strong stallion running over there racing the wind, the stallion that throws anybody and everybody off his back, the one that was never tamed. Then She descends, walking in Her beautiful dress, the flower decorating Her beautiful hair, and She sees the stallion and thinks how beautiful this wild stallion is, She walks gently towards him and smiles. The stallion stops, and stares at Her, the moment he laid eyes upon Her Royal beauty, he knew that She was his own Phyllis, the One! the one who was meant to tame him. She touched his face with Her cute hand, and he neighed gently, She touched his back, and he just bent down peacefully rubbing his face against Her foot. She just smiled and whispered, it’s ok horsey, take me away, far away my stallion. She bridled him, and rode away!
That is Her, The Countess, and that is him, Her shadow, Her tamed wild stallion..

Her Wild Stallion.

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