The Forest of Desire, Another Declaration!

(originally posted on September 1, 2012)

It has always been so scary and so weird,until She came with Her magic stick !

She touched me on the shoulder, and the fear was no more !

She held my hand and walked me through the dark forest of my desires.
I was shivering, but She smiled and said, don’t worry My little one,
there is nothing to fear in here! She walked and i couldn’t help
following, like She was holding an invisible leash and pulling!

It wasn’t so long until we reached the centre of the forest..
She was so right, the Throne was perfectly suitable, as there is no
coincidence, just the delusion of coincidence!

The Throne was Hers, and She sat down in glory where She belonged…

In front of Her Throne I am, in Her chains I thrive..With Her charm
I am wrapped, and with Her rules I survive!

She is the only one to be honoured, adored and worshipped.
She is the Owner, the Queen and the ultimate Mistress.

She is my Goddess.

Her Wild Stallion

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