As the name states, this is meant to be an apology, and though it should have come several days earlier,but late is better than never.

For our previous readers, followers of our first blog, we believe we owe you an apology as well as an explanation, and we believe now is the time to do it.
Well, we have deleted our original blog, and if any of you is here again, you must have noticed a slight change in the blog address (countessshadow instead of thecountessshadow). We had to take our blog down for some personal reasons, it was a very bad and actually sad time that we may choose to share with you later, but
we dont feel like doing it now, and though we don’t feel like talking about this now, we believe we do owe you an apology for our sudden disappearance, and we hope
that you have missed us like we have missed you and missed our blog, our special corner.

About one week ago, we started on working on our blog again, and unfortunately, the original blog address couldn’t be re-used. It was very sad and disappointing for
us, but it seems like wordpress is so much real like life, when something dies, it can never come back :). So,anyway,we have grieved enough and we are ok about it now
as it was never about the name, it has always been about ourselves, our truthfullness and our sincere desire to interact with every lifestyler, and everyone who has
something to share with us,so despite that slight change in the blog name,we assure you that the very soul of this place is, and will remain always the same, and that
is all that matters.

We do feel obliged to reach for every follower of our previous blog, every person who posted a comment, liked a post, or even passed by to read something in here, as we do believe these folks have honoured us by choosing to spend some of their time in our place, to read, discuss, or interact in anyway, and we do also believe that we are obliged to honour them back by apologising to them for our sudden disappearance and bringing this new blog to their attention. It may take some time to reach for everybody, but we will definitely do it.

We thought that it would be nice to add the original date of each post, the date at which each post was originally edited in a small line above each post of the old
ones, as we believe that timing is one important dimension that will help bring back the soul for each of our previous posts.

Now, for those who are visiting our blog for the first time, we are so happy to have you with us here.

So, again everybody, welcome to our own house of love and madness !
The Countess & Her wild stallion.

One Response to “Apology…”

  1. Hello guys,

    If you are open to it, I would be really interested to know more about your story as it relates so much to a fellow Egyptian!



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