24/7 Slavery

We have discussed before the policy and aims of our polling section, and you can review it in the previous post “Polling and beyond”.

In this new poll, we want to address an issue which might seem apparently simple but we do believe it is a very important one.

Through our own experience in femdom, we have always noticed the space separating the fantasy and the real world and during our own journey we have always tried to minimize that gap between what is fantasy and what is real, and this can only be achieved by more understanding of one’s true wishes and desires and what She/he REALLY wants to do and really CAN do.

We are pretty sure that most lifestylers either they are Mistresses or submissives have somehow fantasized about 24/7 Mistress/slave relationships in which the Mistress always controls (violently or softly) and the slave always serves and obeys (willingly or forced) according to each one’s own taste. The main theme in here is the strict Mistress/slave dynamics and the continuous 24/7 definite roles and power exchange.

No doubt that is one lovely fantasy that most probably has given every Mistress and submissive a lot of pleasure on many Saturday nights :), but that’s not the point. We have found that many lifestylers fantasize about this though very few genuinely want it, but the interesting part is that though many lifestylers can’t really practice it with their like-minded partners they remain fantasizing about it again and again and that poses a question, a bit philosophical one, about the difference between “to want” and “to be ready”, or is it all about the right approach and the right timing. We would really like to know about your own thoughts regarding this and this poll is just a little mind game to warm us up.

So now, the poll is one simple question, either you are a Mistress or a submissive, do you really want a 24/7 Mistress/slave relationship? (Please leave fantasy land for now and stay with us in real world while answering this). The answers will be a Yes or No for each gender, so please choose a Yes or No according to your gender.

The Countess & Her Wild Stallion

5 Responses to “24/7 Slavery”

  1. i am already living it and it is awesome

  2. Good for you tariq to fully embrace the lifestyle you want 🙂
    I am happy for you

  3. i wish to living this life

  4. My answer is more complex than the poll so I cannot answer without being misleading. I never forget for long that I serve her. Yet I also live in a more multi-denominational relationship with her. Sometimes she wants me as her slave but more often as her lover. I serve her many desire not my fantasy. But I always serve and live for her.

    • Well, this is an interesting and hmm, a realistic view. This sort of relationships is definitely a multidimensional, continuously dynamic one. I can understand you, and thanks for sharing your own answer with us

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