Venus in Furs

I have talked before in previous posts about my early days, my late childhood when I started to experience fantasies and day dreams related to Femdom, and how it took me years to understand and learn more about my nature and desires, and how it took me more years to realize that I was not the only person in the world who felt that way. At that period of my life, I have read a lot and searched for books that could help me understand myself, and that was when I knew about that book ” Venus In Furs “, and that same book is what this post is all about 🙂

It was 1999, and the internet was still something new in Egypt, and for an “anti-technology” person like me ( yes I am the sort of person who prefers a paper and a pen , a traditional letter, to an electronic mail, even though the latter is faster, easier, and more practical! I am that kind of a fool! ). Anyway, it was hard for me at that time to find that book online, and I wanted badly to read it, and I will explain later why. So, I went to the book store I dealed with, and that was a very funny situation! I still remember my red face and how sweaty I was even before I enter the store, like everybody out there in the street knew about the book I was seeking, knew about my secret, like people in the street were looking at me and laughing inside, thinking here is the weird boy! 🙂 I was a sort of paranoid, that is true, but it became worse when I entered the store and was not sure, in which section should I search, so I started looking in the psychology section, then in the foreign novels section, but I found nothing. I still remember
the hard time I had to escape the talkative book seller who insisted on helping me in my search, but of course I didn’t tell him :), the plan was to find the book alone, then buy another couple of psychology books to give the impression that I am doing some sort of psychology research or something! I know that this silly book shop story has nothing to do with the book I said I will be talking about, and moreover, this behaviour of mine may look extremely weird and stupid for many of you who aren’t Egyptians, but I do tell this story because for me, it became a part of the novel! The events and situations surrounding things become somehow part of the aura of these things, like the thing and the situation surrounding it become linked to each other in our minds, and affect our own perception of that thing, so you remember one of them to find yourself spontaneously remembering the other! So telling that story is a necessity to talk about the book from my own perspective,, and for the non-Egyptians who find my behaviour ( hiding my interest in the book ) weird, take my word on this, if you have ever lived in a society where you would be judged according to your different
thoughts and feelings rather than who you are and what you do, a society which believes that hiding the disturbing facts is a virtue, and ignoring your urges and reality to pretend you are the man/woman of morals is a bless! If you ever lived in such a society, only then you would understand my paranoid behaviour, but anyway, that is another story 🙂

Now, I will explain why did I want to read that novel so badly..Of course most lifestylers know that our interests are considered a mental illness in psychiatry, Sadism & Masochism, which in turn fall under a broader category called Paraphilia, which is a greek word that means ” beside friendship ” and implies sexual behaviour that is atypical, and sexual arousal to situations or objects that are not part of the normal typical stimuli..When I first knew about the word masochism I looked for the origin of the word, and for my astonishment, I found it was a name, an author’s name! Leopold von Sacher-Masoch..I read about him, I knew he was an Austrian author who wrote a novel called “Venus in Furs”, describing the Femdom lifestyle, discussing that desire from different views, especially a psychological one, and describing the underlying conflict and the contradictory impulses that come with this sort of relationships.
I remember the first idea which came to my mind at that time, how brave you are Leopold! That is exactly what I thought at that moment and I wanted very much to read that novel, written by that man, after whom my nature is named! It was like something deeply related to me, and not just a novel, but apart of that, there was a huge erotic energy surrounding that novel building up inside me! Of course, at that time, I had read a lot of erotic literature, but that one was different, very different. That one was a novel, sold in book stores for everybody to read, and not like the cheap porn stories that don’t qualify to be even called literature! That one was real unlike the fake porn people hide to read in their dark rooms for only one purpose, to jerk off! Thinking about that, I started to think about the erotic energy surrounding special things, asking myself what makes some simple things more erotic and appealing than other things which have a more open and frank erotic nature? That reminded me of the old saying, that a half covered woman is more appealing than a totally naked one! The partial cover fuels the imagination and creates more erotic energy! Well, that would be one reason, but for me it was not enough to explain the erotic energy beyond that novel, and the reason that made it more appealing to me than the frank open porn stories! Now, I think I understand the reason for that, it is simply because it is real, in the open air!
It is very much like this, like I meet a Domme Lady in a Femdom chatting room, and we start getting acquainted, and we start learning more about each other in different aspects, it is nice, but we start from that given, we are both into the same alternative lifestyle.
Now, imagine with me, I meet a lady, a work colleague for example, may be some lady in a library or a book store, we get closer, develop friendship, then it happens we discover we are both into the same lifestyle, a weird coincidence, but it would feel so different, and certainly much more erotic, like a huge erotic energy suddenly exploded like a nuclear bomb! I understand this example might sound vague, and not clearly related to the novel thing, but in my mind they sound so similar, because even if the porn novel is very well written, you still know it was written for a single purpose, to excite you sexually, to be erotic, which actually makes it less erotic! unlike the regular novel, that was written by some man to express himself and discuss his own feelings, it feels more erotic even though it is somehow subtle, or at least not openly erotic.

As I mentioned above, I didnt find that novel in the book store that day, so I decided to start a more serious online search for it.
It took me some time to find a free electronic copy of the novel to read (I didn’t have a credit card to purchase one!), and I read it at that time, but actually I was more interested in the Austrian author of the novel than the novel itself, and it is ironic that after the hard search, I read the novel quickly without the expected attention that matches the effort I put to find it, as if it was a treasure I wanted to find and own, even if I didn’t intend to use immediately, which sounds very stupid for me now, and I believe you do feel the same 🙂

Today, for some reason, I remembered that novel and I decided to read it again a thorough reading this time, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you, but I couldn’t just share the link, I had to give you some of my own crap at first! 🙂

It is very easy to find many links for the novel if you just search for “Venus in Furs” in any search engine, but here you will find one I found..If you are into Femdom lifestyle, I believe it is very important for you to read the novel written by that Austrian author after whom our desires are named! And even if you are not into Femdom, this novel is discussing a very special part of human sexuality and reading it would help you understand more about it,,and for lifestylers, apart of the benefit, reading it will also be fun ;).
So now, enough of this, I will just give you the link 🙂
Ladies and gentlemen, here is ” Venus in Furs ” by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, and of course I don’t claim any copyright of that link ( I don’t want to go to prison or something 🙂 )

Her Wild Stallion

4 Responses to “Venus in Furs”

  1. I want to commend you on your blog, it is beautiful and genuine. What you have is very special. I am curious on how did you meet? It must be restrictive to and difficult to meet like-minded individuals in BDSM in Egypt. I am also curious, how long did it take either one of you to identify as a Domme/sub? I am also trying to envision you as a couple, what age group are you in and what do you do in Vanilla life? do you have a 24/7 relationship?..I am happy to discuss privately if you are open for such

    • Hello stallion4princess, I am sorry for replying so late, but it was a real busy and hard time, so please accept my apology.
      Thank you very much for your interest and your polite words.
      It is not an easy task to find a partner who is into bdsm anywhere, but it is more difficult in the eastern conservative societies of course. I hope you enjoy the blog the more you read through it. Take care and stay around 🙂

  2. added to my reading list!

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