As an adolescent, I used to have a strange habit of renaming some songs and pieces of music!
It started when I came across a lovely piece of music in the Irish pop music channel! I love pop music, I love Irish music, I love mountains, and I love cottages! So as you see, I had every reason to be addicted to that radio station! Anyway, that music was called ” Irish Boy “, and when I heard it I was really taken by its beauty, and like what always happened to me with some works of art, I felt a connection between me and the music, between me and that Irish boy! I thought, the Irish boy, is so much like the me, the Egyptian boy! I felt, I envied him! I felt that music expressed me as much as it expressed him, and a strange idea popped up. I thought, may be this is known as the Irish boy everywhere, but not in my desktop, I clicked rename, and changed it to ” Egyptian boy “, and I smiled feeling pleased! Few minutes later, I looked at the name, then I thought, no, that is not Egyptian boy, I clicked rename again, and I gave it that name “myself”! and I was more pleased! After that day, I had that habit, and I gave that name ” myself” to another 4 or 5 pieces of music throughout my lifetime! I know, this might sound stupid and childish, hmm, may be even selfish, but it didn’t feel that way for me. It felt like I wanted to capture the magic of the music and keep it in my soul, hmm, may be like I wanted to enlarge that shared area between me and the music. I really don’t know, but it felt great at that time.

You may be waiting for the Irish boy music now, but unfortunately I am going to disappoint you, this is not about the Irish boy! 🙂
This is about ” Guantanamera ” the girl from Guantanamo!

I bet most of you must have listened to that very popular Cuban song, a very beautiful one, isnt it? A one that was sung by many many singers from Joseito Fernandez to Julio Iglesias. A very special song, that has many faces, and every version of it, gives you a freshly new feeling, as if you are listening to a completely different song. The first time I listened to that song, I found myself cheering up and dancing, like that was exactly the melody I have been waiting for to dance! I didn’t understand a word, as it was in Spanish  but I had the feeling that the lyrics would be nothing less beautiful than the music. At that time, I was in my early twenties, and of course I had already abandoned my childish habit of renaming the songs “myself”! But I suddenly remembered that old habit of mine, and I couldn’t resist the temptation! I wanted badly to rename it myself, but I didn’t. That was the one I wanted to name myself the most, but it felt so selfish to do that. I don’t know how do you feel about this song, but for me, I can smell love, revolution, liberty, and joy in that melody. I couldn’t spoil its beauty by labeling it as mine. May be it was my time to see the fine line between love, and ownership, may be it was the time I started to stop trying to own everything I love, to leave behind my childish egoism, and enjoy the beauty of love. I just replayed it and started dancing joyfully!

When I found the lyrics, I was speechless, and that song was officially labelled in my heart as the most beautiful song ever!
I created a whole folder just for that song, and I found every version of that amazing song, and kept them all there.

I met my companion, and we walked down the road of love, beginning at friendship, and all the way to that exciting intimate zone, where you feel the urge to share secrets, little secrets, and big ones, like willingly allowing the other to totally invade your being.
I shared things, then I decided to show her my inner melody! I thought, she would be surprised that the song I loved the most was that cheerful, simple Cuban folklore song! I don’t give that appearance, if you can understand me, and something like the moonlight sonata would suit my looks better! But that was my secret, like everyone, the outer looks mean nothing, and deep down at the centre of a depressed man, you may find extreme joy and love for life, as it is possible to find a huge sadness at the centre of an easy-going, cheerful girl! For my surprise, she was not surprised! She listened to my all versions of the song, the whole folder! and she just said, it feels so much like you! I felt ecstatic and she just added, I love the Pete Seeger one the most ( how sweet and classy is her taste!), and since then, that song became one of our icons that we play when we want to feel cheerful. Today, I post this for her, to give her some morning joy, and to share one of our icons with you.

I thought that I would write a bit in here about Pete Seeger, that man with the pure voice, and big heart, but I believe you would enjoy it more, if you make the search all by yourself, exploring the life of this great musician, a life full of music, activism and love.

I will share the Spanish lyrics, the English translation, and then a link for the song..Enjoy! 🙂

Yo soy un hombre sincero
De donde crece la palma
Y antes de morirme quiero
Echar mis versos del alma
Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera

Mi verso es de un verde claro
Y de un carmi­n encendido
Mi verso es un ciervo herido
Que busca en el monte amparo
Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera

Cultivo una rosa blanca
En julio como en enero
Para el amigo sincero
Que me da su mano franca
Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera

Con los pobres de la tierra
Quiero yo mi suerte echar
El arroyo de la sierra
Me complace mas que el mar
Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera
I am a truthful man
From where the palm tree grows
And before dying I want
To let out the verses of my soul

My verse is light green
And it is flaming red
My verse is a wounded stag
Who seeks refuge on the mountain

I grow a white rose
In July just as in January
For the honest friend
Who gives me his open hand

With the poor people of the earth
I want to cast my lot
The brook of the mountains
Gives me more pleasure than the sea

Her Wild Stallion

One Response to “Guantanamera!!”

  1. hiscountess Says:

    as refreshing as the breaking dawn love 🙂 you know how much i love this song because it is you, the truthful man from where the palm tree grows 🙂 a wonderful surprise to start the day with 🙂

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