Thirst that no water can ever quench!
Sacred thirst like a fate that you can’t run away from!! The harder you try to quench it, the wilder it becomes.
Is it about the water ? Is there no water and it’s just a mirage, a delusion ? Is it possible ?
Or may be a person is like a bucket! and the bucket has a hole, you pour water and it just falls down, and the bucket is never filled!
Happiness, is there something like happiness for real ? It seems that happiness is like a phantom, a phantom you see when it is far away, and you run chasing it, reaching with your hand to touch it, just to hold the nothingness, to find out it was a mere delusion, a creation of your own mind!
It is very painful at times, but still, after everything, life is the most sacred, the most beautiful melody.

Her Wild Stallion

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