FemDom & Fat Girls

Semiotic power, as it relates to FemDom & Fat Girls, refers to the sign system that is in operation between a Woman of Power and her supplicant. Because this system reveals itself most comprehensively during retribution periods, the two phenomena are typically linked together in discourse. But in truth, this sign system is at work between the two participants during all points of connection between them, such as in the act of looking at her, whether that be accomplished by admiring her in person or even by photograph, voice recordings, written word, etc. Whenever and however the woman appears to the man in consciousness, semiotic power is at work.

So, just what can we learn from the analysis of such a sign system? What do we even mean by referring to these ‘signs?’ Well, Semiotics is a complex study, but the long and short of it is this: our perceptions…

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