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The wild poem

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This is the second poem I translate and present in this blog for Nezar Qabani.

In a previous post, I translated his fantastic poem “I declare” and I wrote a short introduction about him if anyone wants to revise it.

As I mentioned before, Nezar Qabani is a fantastic and extraordinary poet who creates a totally different dimension for love and life with his genius and his sensitive yet wild emotions! This poem of his, the one I will be translating for you today is called “Al-Qasida Al-motawahesha “, an Arabic name that means “The wild poem”! Though the poem is so appealing to me, and is actually one of my favourites, the name itself was enough for me to adore the whole poem before even reading it! I think I like everything that is innate and wild because I simply love the basic and pure form of everything. I love women without make up, I prefer raw vegetables to cooked ones! I prefer deserts to well-organized parks! I am a man who hates the swimming pool, but adores water and wets his pants when he sees the sea! That is why Nezar Qabani’s poetry has always captured my heart, and that is why his intense poem, the wild poem has always been one of my favourites.

I am sure you must be feeling tired of this long introduction, but allow me to add the last, and the most important part of it. I have read parts of this poem many times to my beautiful partner, like I was singing it for her, and I translated it to make her happy, as she loves to give our songs wings to fly far away to be shared with the whole world, so this post is dedicated to you my beautiful partner in crime 🙂

As usual, you will find the original Arabic script, followed by my humble translation. I hope you will like the meanings within that beautiful, wild poem. 


أحبيني .. بلا عقد

وضيعي في خطوط يدي

أحبيني .. لأسبوع .. لأيام .. لساعات..

فلست أنا الذي يهتم بالأبد..

أنا تشرين .. شهر الريح،

والأمطار .. والبرد..

أنا تشرين فانسحقي

كصاعقة على جسدي..

أحبيني ..

بكل توحش التتر..

بكل حرارة الأدغال
كل شراسة المطر

ولا تبقي ولا تذري..

ولا تتحضري أبدا..

فقد سقطت على شفتيك

كل حضارة الحضر


كزلزال .. كموت غير منتظر..

وخلي نهدك المعجون..

بالكبريت والشرر..

يهاجمني .. كذئب جائع خطر

وينهشني .. ويضربني ..

كما الأمطار تضرب ساحل الجزر..

أنا رجل بلا قدر

فكوني .. أنت لي قدري

وأبقيني .. على نهديك..

مثل النقش في الحجر..


أحبيني .. ولا تتساءلي كيفا..

ولا تتلعثمي خجلا

ولا تتساقطي خوفا

أحبيني .. بلا شكوى

أيشكو الغمد .. إذ يستقبل السيفا؟

وكوني البحر والميناء..

كوني الأرض والمنفى

وكوني الصحو والإعصار

كوني اللين والعنفا..

أحبيني .. بألف وألف أسلوب

ولا تتكرري كالصيف..

إني أكره الصيفا..

أحبيني .. وقوليها

لأرفض أن تحبيني بلا صوت

وأرفض أن أواري الحب

في قبر من الصمت

أحبيني .. بعيدا عن بلاد القهر والكبت

بعيدا عن مدينتنا التي شبعت من الموت..

بعيدا عن تعصبها..

بعيدا عن تخشبها..

أحبيني .. بعيدا عن مدينتنا

التي من يوم أن كانت

إليها الحب لا يأتي..

إليها الله .. لا يأتي ..


أحبيني .. ولا تخشي على قدميك

– سيدتي – من الماء

فلن تتعمدى امرأة

وجسمك خارج الماء

وشعرك خارج الماء

فنهدك .. بطة بيضاء ..

لا تحيا بلا ماء ..

أحبيني .. بطهري .. أو بأخطائي

بصحوي .. أو بأنوائي

وغطيني ..

أيا سقفا من الأزهار ..

يا غابات حناء ..

تعري ..

واسقطي مطرا

على عطشي وصحرائي ..

وذوبي في فمي .. كالشمع

وانعجني بأجزائي

تعري .. واشطري شفتي

إلى نصفين .. يا موسى بسيناء..


نزار قبانى





Love me

and in the lines of my hand

lose your way

I am not the man who cares for eternity

so just love me

for hours

for weeks

or days!

I am October!

the month of the wind

the month of rain and cold

I am October

so like the lightning on my body

just explode

Love me and be

brutal like Tatars!

Love me and be

so hot like forests!

Love me love me

wildly like the rain

and never be civilised

and never

never refrain

Like an earthquake

love me

like an unexpected death!

Like a hungry dangerous wolf

let your blazing tits

attack me

tear me and hit me

like the rain hits the islands

the mountains’ blocks

Be my destiny and on your breasts

keep me

like a carving on the rocks

Love me

and don’t ask why

don’t be afraid

and don’t complain

Just love me

and never be shy

Love me and be

both the harbor

and the sea

Both the home

and the exile

the violent storm

and the lovely sunshine

Love me in many many ways

love me in different ways

and never repeat yourself

for i hate nothing like a summer

that repeats itself

Love me

and scream it loud

for I refuse a hidden love

a buried love

without a sound

Love me away from this land of repression

away from our city that is fed up with death

and deception

Love me away from here

away from this city

for which love has never come

for which god has never come

Love me and never fear

to wet your feet in my ocean

for you will never be baptized a woman

with your body outside my ocean

with your hair

your breasts outside my water

Love me

with my sins and with my pureness

with my storms and with my cuteness

Love me and drown me

in your flowers

Love me and immerse me

in your henna forest


and rain over me

quench my desert and thirst


and mix with my parts

dissolve in my mouth

and shatter my lips

my holy one.

Nezar Qabani

Her Wild Stallion


The Red Room

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I have always believed that the key to heaven (if there is any!) must be hidden in the most unexpected place, inside the red room!

With the fear of breaking taboos and the moral obsession creating a scary halo around that room, I have always assumed that the only obstacle was to have the courage to enter and search within the corners of the forbidden territory! 🙂

After a while a new question has arisen, a question I never considered, what if you enter the red room, and never find your way out?!

It is true, entering the forbidden territory requires a great deal of courage, getting outside it requires a greater deal of enlightenment! It is true that the magic key is hidden inside the forbidden red room of instincts, but when you open the door, things are never the same again, you cannot just get out and close the door, it is either you find the magic key and get out, or stay locked in there forever!

Is it worth the risk? Is it even a choice or a destiny? who knows, or probably it is more appropriate to say, who cares?

Her Wild Stallion