The Red Room


I have always believed that the key to heaven (if there is any!) must be hidden in the most unexpected place, inside the red room!

With the fear of breaking taboos and the moral obsession creating a scary halo around that room, I have always assumed that the only obstacle was to have the courage to enter and search within the corners of the forbidden territory! 🙂

After a while a new question has arisen, a question I never considered, what if you enter the red room, and never find your way out?!

It is true, entering the forbidden territory requires a great deal of courage, getting outside it requires a greater deal of enlightenment! It is true that the magic key is hidden inside the forbidden red room of instincts, but when you open the door, things are never the same again, you cannot just get out and close the door, it is either you find the magic key and get out, or stay locked in there forever!

Is it worth the risk? Is it even a choice or a destiny? who knows, or probably it is more appropriate to say, who cares?

Her Wild Stallion

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