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Dalida “Helwa Ya Balady”

Posted in Music with tags , , , , on July 3, 2014 by thecountessshadow

Dalida, her very name brings a lot of beautiful memories though She died few years after I was born, but She meant a lot to me (and to many others all around the world too). She was a sensitive artist, a singer with a charming voice and flooding emotions, She was an actress who played a lot of memorable roles, but that is not the important thing about her. The real difference about Dalida is the fact that she was a true multi-cultural artist, a one that Egyptians think of as an Egyptian, and the french thinks of as a french because she was an Egyptian as much as she was a French and Italian. She was not just a pretender giving pale speeches about tolerance, but in her heart, all cultures melted to give a magnificent image that was very clear in her music and songs. Her loving heart could not tolerate the toughness of life and she gave up at last, and though this may seem sick of my side to say that I find her suicide romantic, I have to be honest enough to say this is exactly how I feel. Of course I love this artist and I would have been happier if she was still with us giving us joy with her art, and definitely her death (or the death of any other person) is not a happy event or a romantic one, but since it happened, I am just saying the way I feel about it! May be I am sick yes, but I feel like her suicide, the way she chose to end her life beside her life has made an icon out of her! Anyway, this is one of her songs that is pronounced in arabic “Helwa ya balady” and it means “my beautiful homeland”. I found myself remembering it today and I wanted to share it with you.



Her Wild Stallion