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Dalida “Helwa Ya Balady”

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Dalida, her very name brings a lot of beautiful memories though She died few years after I was born, but She meant a lot to me (and to many others all around the world too). She was a sensitive artist, a singer with a charming voice and flooding emotions, She was an actress who played a lot of memorable roles, but that is not the important thing about her. The real difference about Dalida is the fact that she was a true multi-cultural artist, a one that Egyptians think of as an Egyptian, and the french thinks of as a french because she was an Egyptian as much as she was a French and Italian. She was not just a pretender giving pale speeches about tolerance, but in her heart, all cultures melted to give a magnificent image that was very clear in her music and songs. Her loving heart could not tolerate the toughness of life and she gave up at last, and though this may seem sick of my side to say that I find her suicide romantic, I have to be honest enough to say this is exactly how I feel. Of course I love this artist and I would have been happier if she was still with us giving us joy with her art, and definitely her death (or the death of any other person) is not a happy event or a romantic one, but since it happened, I am just saying the way I feel about it! May be I am sick yes, but I feel like her suicide, the way she chose to end her life beside her life has made an icon out of her! Anyway, this is one of her songs that is pronounced in arabic “Helwa ya balady” and it means “my beautiful homeland”. I found myself remembering it today and I wanted to share it with you.



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We have no one but each other….ملناش غير بعض

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This is a song called “we have no one but each other” which would be pronounced in arabic as “malnash gher baad”! It is a beautiful song presented by the Egyptian composer & singer Wageeh Azeez, one of the remarkable but not so famous Egyptian artists if you can understand what I mean. The words, the music, and the way he sings in this song are very Egyptian like, exactly as most of Wageeh Azeez songs. When I listen to it, it feels like it takes me one hundred years ago to the 1920s era, to a classic Egyptian small backstreet on a winter night. I can smell the grinded coffee grains with cardamom, the hot vapour rising from the tea glasses from behind the arabesque old bays, the foggy clammy breeze, I can hear the bubbling sounds of hookah of old men in that far corner, barking of a cold dog, and the footsteps of a young girl wearing her tight “melaya leff” and creating a lovely melody with her anklet and slippers, hurrying up to join her lover beside that tree, behind the huge old mosque, as he waits for her in the cold wearing his jacket and fez, and breathing in his palms to keep himself warm. I can see their shy eyes kissing, and their cold hands embracing each other. I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone, but for me, that image was very touching that it created a deep nostalgia inside me, and it was all inspired by Wageeh Azeez’s beautiful melody. Anyway, this song carries the essence of the Egyptian culture, and I hope you will enjoy it. It was my first time to listen to it a few days ago, it was a little lovely gift from my sweetheart that gave me warmth in that cold rainy night. I found it so beautiful and I wanted to share it with you. As usual, I wrote my humble translation of the lyrics below to help non-arabic speakers capture the soul of the song, but again, that is only my humble non professional translation that is never comparable to the beauty of the original words.

 Street-in-Old-Cairo_img_assist_custom-600x566  fd09ea77

We have no one but each other my love
Life gives us at times then goes
leaving us with joy and wounds

We travel and get exiled
but wherever we go
we have no one but each other my love

People part and darkness falls
and I just think he’s gone
once and for all
but unlike people
again he comes
and says
we have no one but each other my love!

We just live life
the way it is
It hurts us may be
but we learn about her tricks
sometimes sticking to it
and then we let go
but always embarcing each other
because we know
we have no one but each other
my love

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Life is a feather in the wind

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This is an old Egyptian song which I like very much, and I wanted to share with you. It is called in Arabic ” Eldonia risha fi hawa” which means “Life is a feather in the wind”. It was a part of the 1957 Egyptian film “They taught me love” starred by Saad Abdelwahab and Eman. The singer with the warm voice you will be listening to is Saad Abdelwahab, the nephew of the great Egyptian musician and composer Mohamed Abdelwahab. Saad Abdelwahab was born in 1926, graduated from the faculty of agriculture, but he was inclined more toward arts, and so he started working as a broadcaster in the Egyptian radio for several years, until he got the chance to sing and act for the first time in the movie “bread and salt” for the director Hussein Fawzi. Saad’s songs and artistic works in general were not so many, but they were beautiful, touching, and alive up till now, and the song I am sharing with you today is one of his famous and beautiful songs.

Many people (including Egyptians themselves!) don’t know that the Egyptian cinema was one of the oldest in the world. Many people don’t know that by 1908 there were 10 movie houses in Egypt, with 5 of them in Cairo, and 3 in Alexandria, and that by 1912 the Egyptian producer Abdel Rahman Salheya hired some foreign technicians to help him start making the first Egyptian short films.
I am not the suitable person to talk about the history of cinema, be it the Egyptian or the international cinema, but sometimes when I look at our Egyptian recent history, I just ache! I ask myself many questions, where did our taste go? where did our tolerance and beautiful ideals go? Who did change our society like this and how did he do it?! There are a lot of answers but none of them sound that convincing to me, but within my grief there is hope, and I remember what I have always believed in..Life is a continuous process of pushing in different directions, and like many fascists do push us towards ugliness and retardedness, I will keep pushing in the opposite direction in every possible way I can together with many other fellow Egyptians who appreciate beauty, art, freedom and above all life!

I understand that most of you are non-Egyptians who must have got bored with my mourning! 🙂 So let’s leave it just here and move to the beautiful song 🙂

Above you will find a link for the song, and here you will find a translation of the lyrics. I know that it is always more joyful to listen to a song and understand its lyrics, so I translated them for you to enjoy. I apologise that I could not maintain the rhyme, but at least I delivered the meanings, and I hope you all enjoy the song.

Life is a feather in the wind
flying without wings
today we are together
tomorrow where are we?
just in life!

How many times
people do meet without a date
and how many times
people do beg parting
to stay away from them!

Whose hands brought them together
and scattered them again?
why did they meet
and for what did they part?
who knows?!

Life is a feather in the wind
flying without wings
today we are together
and tomorrow where are we?
just in life!

You who ask about life
just live it the way it is
with the smile it gives at times
and the ache it brings other times
so weird is life
compassionate and cruel
giving or taking without any rule!
just live life!

Life is a feather in the wind
flying without wings
today we are together
and tomorrow where are we?
just in life!


Her Wild Stallion